My name is Adrian Underwood and the name “Orford Piece” is derived from the name of my home village of Orford in Suffolk, England and the name of the street in Orford where I grew up which is called “Nightingale Piece”.

In 1998 I moved away from Suffolk to Dublin in Ireland so I decided to set up this website as my own link back to the place that will always be home and holds many fond memories. 


My father, Charlie Underwood, spent many enjoyable hours in the eve of his life researching and writing about Orford, Orford Ness and his life there.

"The Great Light", which was his first book, published by Segment Publications, is an authoritative history of Orford Ness and its lighthouses. It can be purchased from the Craft Shop in Orford and other local outlets. He wrote an Addendum to "The Great Light" which contains two chapters that did not get published in hard copy. Please click on the "Addendum" link on the left to read about Beachcombing and Shipwrecks on Orford Ness.

His second book, “My Orford”, was never completed before his death on 7th October 1997, but still provides an interesting insight into village life in Orford and his personal experiences during his lifetime.

He was awarded the M.B.E. in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List of 1993 for over 28 years service to Trinity House and collected his award from H.R.H. Prince Charles at an investiture at Buckingham Palace on Thursday 9th December the same year.

He retired as attendant of Orfordness Lighthouse on Friday 1st October 1994.

I am the youngest of his six sons and I feel that publishing his second book on the Internet  is a fitting tribute to the man I am proud to call Dad. To me and my five brothers he was, and will always be, our guiding light.

Please click on the link on the left and take some time out to sit back, relax and read what was to be my fathers second book, entitled "My Orford".

“My Orford” can now be purchased in paperback format. It also contains the two chapters from the addendum of “The Great Light” which were never printed previously.

If you would like to purchase the paperback please go to:

‘My Orford’ by Charlie Underwood - lulu.com

Adrian Underwood

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